We take a problem-solving approach to consulting. With twin goals of making companies profitable and on a path to upward growth, we analyze existing problems, take into consideration the challenges attendant to the current economic environment, and develop detailed solutions. In doing so, we pinpoint and address our clients’ short-term needs, while focusing on their long-term goals, which we call the ‘long game.’


Reason for Contacting Citadel:

With a burst of energy, Klosed Properties, and its subsidiary, Bluesky Management, began purchasing buildings all around Manhattan, many of which required extensive renovations. The company was growing exponentially. However, along with the rapid growth came the difficulties Klosed Properties/Bluesky encountered in managing the buildings undergoing renovation while simultaneously scouting out and purchasing additional buildings to further expand their businesses.

Our Strategy

We met with Klosed Properties/Bluesky’s owners and staff, visited the newly purchased buildings, and spoke with involved superintendents, tenants and office personnel. Using the information we gathered, we developed a detailed step-by-step that would enable our client to run its business efficiently, while continuing to grow and develop.

The End Result

Klosed Properties/Bluesky Management has doubled its size, and is continuing to increase its profits and value, while pursuing its business model of expansion and growth. Turnaround Time: 24 months and Klosed Properties/Bluesky Management is still a client with whom Citadel consults on a regular basis.