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Property Management


Property Management

We stabilize and transform problem properties in order to generate better returns and to increase their value. We get them in better shape for whatever it is you want them in shape for.

If you need help ending a rent strike, disputing and resolving building violations, or renovate to maximize revenue, we do that too.

If the financial structure needs to be re-capitalized, we can do that through our network of individual and institutional investors, depending upon the situation. And if your property needs to be sold, we can find the right buyer.

By enhancing the realized net income, we help to maximize the overall value of a property thus making it more attractive to providers of enhanced leverage financing and lifting the potential sale price.

That’s what we do. Simply put, we are the go to professionals to fix your real estate problems.

Citadel Realty Services’ Property Management Division knows that successful investment property management demands something more – more than just property management, more than just real estate advice.

We are proactive, with a level of expertise in property management second to none. With decades of on the ground experience – both as building managers and owners and working with virtually every property type, in all regulatory and economic climates, we still earn our pennies by saving you dollars.

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