Investment Sales New York City

More Sales Investment in NYC Involves more growth

When it comes time to sell a property, Citadelre’s investment sales teams regularly deliver top dollar for sellers who rely on our extensive network of purchasers built up over decades. In addition, our teams use our exclusive research and comprehensive database of owners and property history to uncover acceptable offers from the widest group of sellers, thereby maximizing the value for investors.

Stephen Shapiro, President, Chief Executive Officer, and Licensed real estate in NYC in the State of New York, has created the way for his teams to prosper and has a unique position in the industry. He is recognized as “the fixer” of all things Real Estate. Stephen specializes in troubled and underperforming properties, specializing in those with major challenges that are not easy to sell.

How do Investment Sales in New York City work?

Citadelre partners with investors to purchase necessity-based commercial and residential real estate holdings that have been fully investigated to fulfill our high investment standards. In return, our investment partners lower volatility in their portfolios while earning greater risk-adjusted returns on their cash.

We hunt and acquire high-quality commercial buildings with nationally renowned anchor tenants in expanding primary and secondary markets that bring significant value. We can filter through thousands of properties using our stringent criteria before settling on the perfect one for our customers’ needs.

As a result, our in-house asset management team has extensive experience maximizing property values and investor returns. After a predetermined amount of time, we plan to sell or refinance each property to recoup our initial investment and any appreciation for our investors.

Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate investments can be made without dealing with tenants’ day-to-day difficulties. To provide our partners with passive cash flow, we handle all aspects of the real estate transaction, from acquisition to rehabilitation.

Track your Investment Sales in New York City with Citadelre

We have designed a customized investor platform that will enable our business partners to monitor the progress of their investments during the holding period and access important data and tax forms. You will be given your dedicated account once you become a partner.

For us, it’s all about providing the best service possible with extensive knowledge that has helped us come up with the most creative and value-added solutions for our clients in a seamless process. Real-time market knowledge and extensive connections with a wide range of purchasers from throughout the United States and the world allow Citadelre’s clients to target a specific group of potential buyers for each property.

This branch of investment sales distinguishes itself from the competition by having in-depth knowledge of all aspects of New York City real estate, including zoning regulations, land use, air rights and alternative uses.

In addition to selling real estate, clients come to our investment sales team for advice on portfolio management, risk avoidance, and value creation because our staff has transacted over several market cycles.

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